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Hi! I know I added at least one person on the Luceti friending meme, so figured I'd say hi and welcome to my LJ. I do use it sometimes, more to post writings and general updates and long rambling thoughts when I don't feel like dealing with ridiculously small letter limits.

Anyway hi again! I am Gorse, a.k.a. Kristen. I am a college sophomore trying to get a major in animation so I can go make movies and the like. Major fandom at the moment is Tales of the Abyss, so I'll probably end up talking about it a lot on here, though I do like other things, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Harvest Moon, Disney/Pixar, Golden Sun, Mana Khemia, Tamora Pierce and etc. I currently roleplay at three games - [livejournal.com profile] luceti, [livejournal.com profile] paradisa, and [livejournal.com profile] riftedguilds, the latter of which I help mod. And... that should do for Gorsie CliffNotes. HI and welcome again!

Anyway. Onto the other part of this journal entry: So I had an Abyss AU plotbunny a couple weeks ago, which has tentatively been named Instability. The idea is fairly simple: After Akzeriuth, the party is lucky as hell that Luke didn't have severe, severe trust issues - the person he trusted most in the world utterly betrayed him, and most of the others were hiding/keeping secrets that in theory could have possibly helped prevent it from happening (i.e. Luke being a replica). So what if he had those issues? How would that have affected the character relationships, party dynamic, and progression of events?

The inspiration for this idea has been very hit-or-miss since it's started, so I'm probably not going to actively pursue making it into a fully-fledged story with full continuity, unless something changes, but here's all the excerpts that I've written so far:


The first major divergence )


Continuity Changes + Unexpected Reunions )


Peony is an awesome emporer )

And that's it for now!
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 Everyone's gotta start somewhere, and I guess here is where I start. 

I go by Gorse. My real name isn't something I just hand out for free, at least not in a casual internet setting like this. I made this journal in the hopes of having a place where I could share my random musings on characters, plots, music, philosophy, and other things as they occur to me, usually in respect to whatever game I'm playing or fandom I'm focusing on (at this point in time, it's Tales of the Abyss).

Right now, as I mentioned above, Tales of the Abyss has been my current focus, and since I'm writing a post-game AU multi-chapter fanfic - working title is "Reaction" - I'll probably be focusing on things relating to that at the moment. Heck, I might even post it up here. Only thing about Reaction though is... I'm writing it for pure self-enjoyment, so if I do post it up, it might be a while between chapters and whatnot... and it may eventually stop dead. I dunno. I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here.

In any case, here's my beginning. Not anything that will win me followers, sure, but enough to get the "Welcome to LiveJournal" post off my page and show you all who I am and why I'm here. 




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