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So, I think I found what area of animation I want to focus in. Because I remember one of the upperclassman describing how he knew he wanted to be a Lighting/Comp guy. How every time he pressed render, it was like a little burst of endorphins.

Well it's like that when I press the play button in Maya. To see how my animation looks. And all I made was this thing.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I missed animating so much.

Also I got an idea for a short but idk how it'll pan out especially now that I've picked a section that I like and want to specialize in and therefore am not sure I will have patience for all the others.

So yeah hi. How are you all. :3
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 Sorry I've been AWOL so long. Chapter 2 of Reaction's hit a bit of a roadblock when I realized I really needed to plan out where I'm going with it more. I mean, I have a general idea for the "Myth Arc", but almost none of the specifics. In a fic where a decent amount of the cast (including most of the antagonists) are going to have to be new characters, this is a serious problem. So Reaction's been put on semi-hiatus while I work on getting a lot of details ironed out. 

Seriously though, if you like Reaction, feel free to talk to me about it. REALLY. Discussion is muse food. Good discussion is like a delicious, nutritious three-course meal. 

Another roadblock for Reaction's progress has been Dimension Shift. 

Dimension Shift is... ... ... it's...  a self insert.



Non-judgemental types can click here for more info. XP  )

Also, bit of ranting here, for DeviantArt because I really don't want to look like an ungrateful idiot on the site itself but I gotta vent about this somewhere. 

Cue whining under the cut.  )

Also, one last grumble. 

I hate horror. So having to watch a horror film for my class's exam is not sitting well with me right now. :| 

Yep.... that's all from this corner of... whatever you call here. 


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