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Hi! I know I added at least one person on the Luceti friending meme, so figured I'd say hi and welcome to my LJ. I do use it sometimes, more to post writings and general updates and long rambling thoughts when I don't feel like dealing with ridiculously small letter limits.

Anyway hi again! I am Gorse, a.k.a. Kristen. I am a college sophomore trying to get a major in animation so I can go make movies and the like. Major fandom at the moment is Tales of the Abyss, so I'll probably end up talking about it a lot on here, though I do like other things, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Harvest Moon, Disney/Pixar, Golden Sun, Mana Khemia, Tamora Pierce and etc. I currently roleplay at three games - [livejournal.com profile] luceti, [livejournal.com profile] paradisa, and [livejournal.com profile] riftedguilds, the latter of which I help mod. And... that should do for Gorsie CliffNotes. HI and welcome again!

Anyway. Onto the other part of this journal entry: So I had an Abyss AU plotbunny a couple weeks ago, which has tentatively been named Instability. The idea is fairly simple: After Akzeriuth, the party is lucky as hell that Luke didn't have severe, severe trust issues - the person he trusted most in the world utterly betrayed him, and most of the others were hiding/keeping secrets that in theory could have possibly helped prevent it from happening (i.e. Luke being a replica). So what if he had those issues? How would that have affected the character relationships, party dynamic, and progression of events?

The inspiration for this idea has been very hit-or-miss since it's started, so I'm probably not going to actively pursue making it into a fully-fledged story with full continuity, unless something changes, but here's all the excerpts that I've written so far:


The first major divergence )


Continuity Changes + Unexpected Reunions )


Peony is an awesome emporer )

And that's it for now!
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Oh. My. God. I am like legit excited and terrified and excited and-

So um.

[livejournal.com profile] riftedguilds reserves open up tomorrow. So if you love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and wanted to see it as a panfandom, well, tomorrow is your lucky day. All of our lucky days. Applications open up on the 1st (I will need to have Noelle's Luceti app done by then because the last thing I want to do is to have to worry about looking over apps and completing my own at the same time) and then... well I'm not sure when the game will open but IT WILL BE SOON AFTER THAT.

I am like... legit excited right now. Spazzing, hyper, you name it. I have tried to start up a game once before. As a matter of fact I even went and dug it up and it somehow still exists despite the fact that the "rebirth" (Which made me raise my eyebrows, I don't remember if I approved a remake of my game/idea or not...) is dead and deleted. It flopped dramatically due to lack of real interest and the fact that my co-admin had a very short attention span and a bit of a temper when I called her out on this. But not so this time. Ran and Holo have been a joy to work with and I can see we're going to have a lot of fun in the future.

At the same time I'm kind of legit terrified and feeling like "Oh Gooood what am I getting myself into" because modding is a big thing and... I dunno. This might just be a small niche game, but at the same time I feel like I've got something here that has the potential to explode into something huge. And all the potential drama and whatnot that implies. I mean, just following Luceti on anoncomm, it's easy to see how such a large playerbase has fairly polarized opinions, with what pleases one person upsetting another. I know it's inevitable, and yet... that stuff happening worries me. I'm also worried about other things - things like will I do a good job and old drama catching up with me... Then again I am Gorse and Gorses by nature worry about all the things.

I just... I hope this works out well. I really do.

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Wow it's... been a long time since I've actually posted with an update-type thing.

The truth of the matter is I have been sucked back into the magical world of roleplaying. Thought I'd quit for a long, long time, but suddenly I'm back. I've been playing [livejournal.com profile] oldest7yearold at [livejournal.com profile] splendorocity for two months now, and have app plans for both it and [livejournal.com profile] luceti in the future as well.

It's kind of... I dunno. It's been a lot of fun, getting back into this stuff. And I've met so many new friends, it's been nice, especially since the writing group that carried me through my senior year in high school and part of my freshman year at college broke up (and broke up spectacularly). It's also gotten me into several dozen new fandoms, and likely will continue to do so.

Because of this, writing has... kind of been on hold lately. I'm starting to get maybe interested in working on Reaction again, and some older ideas like an old story called Back From the Otherworld - which you can see the basis of if you check out my DeviantArt account. The problem with Reaction is I realized I had only the rawest bits of the story's MythArc planned out, and if I wanted to include foreshadowing elements, I needed more than that.

In any case...

That's the news! Mostly. Aheh. Hoping everyone's doing okay! ^^

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... okay switching out of all caps now for readability. 

Cut for kind-of post-game spoilers for Tales of the Abyss. And also rambling.  )

... rambly Gorse is rambly.

Oh, and Chapter One of Reaction is finished, in case you didn't notice my edits to the post. Chapter Two is delayed, because I'm trying to see if I want to give some important OCs a cameo in one of the scenes. Part of the problem with that involves coming up with said OCs. WHEEE. 


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