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Knew it was only a matter of time... I am not sure I want to write this out or RP it - though RPing it means it'll probably have a longer life since my written stuff doesn't tend to last long anymore (unfortunately).

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Two in one day! I just got an idea for this one and I'm behind anyway so I decided to roll with it. This is going to be another one of my more unusual stories. I tried to focus on showing, rather than telling. So... it's a little more on the abstract side.

Also since I'm out of whack I'm ditching the days.

#5: Prompt Chosen: Is it You? )

4. Lost

Mar. 7th, 2012 12:27 pm
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Got I'm a bit - well, no very - behind on these. I've had an off week in multiple ways. Going to try and get back on track now.

One of the bigger challenges of these drabbles is trying to keep them varied and mixed up. So many of these prompts have angst potential due to obvious things. The problem though is that if I do too much angsty endgame stuff it'll just get repetitive. So. Unusual interpretations are a go? I dunno.

This story is partially my attempt to detangle that cutscene that NOBODY UNDERSTANDS. Seriously what the hell even happened... Also there is a tiny inside shipping joke/nod if you know me really well. If you can spot it you win internet cookies. It's not an obvious/well-known ship, I'll give you that much of a hint.

Day 4 (technically) - Prompt Chosen: Lost )

3. Sky Blue

Mar. 1st, 2012 01:28 am
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A little late - I had a lot of homework and projects on different subjects and Naminé's Luceti app to finish up and turn in.

Today's story is probably going to be one of my more unusual ones. It includes some of my theories on and behind certain events in the KH3D Special Trailer. If you haven't seen the special trailer and don't want to be spoiled for it, then you should consider skipping this story. They aren't blatant but they're there. There also might be stealth spoilers for re:coded.

Day 3 - Prompt Chosen: Sky Blue )
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Not as angsty as yesterday, but still not happy. Kind of a side effect of being Xion. Also I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed that Xion and Riku traveled together after he helped her on Destiny Islands, but I like to think they did. :|a For multiple reasons.

Day 2: Prompt Chosen - Zinnia; Thoughts of friends )
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In celebration and anticipation for the upcoming KH3D release, I will be doing the [livejournal.com profile] 30_memories writing challenge, one for each day up until the Japanese KH3D release. No pairings, though all will be Xion-centric (and as such will all have HUGE SPOILERS for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days) because that's just how I roll. Besides, this particular challenge is way too fitting for her.

I should probably get a writing account or comm at some point... oh well.

Not sure if I'll get one up today. If I do, I'll edit this post. |D

Back to your regularly scheduled lives, fellow passengers of Spaceship Earth.

EDIT: Done.

Day 1 - Prompt chosen: Tears )
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Sometimes I get what I call a fic "fragment". Essentially, it's a short flash of a scene - an action, a bit of dialogue - but not much else. Sometimes I'll have the time to expand on a fragment into a full-on onehsot (Sacrifices started out as a fragment), other times I don't, and it'll just become a little ficlet.

This one is of the latter variety, inspired by the trailer yesterday.

Spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and stealth spoilers for some of the others. )


May eventually do something with it, though probably not much more than an extension of the current conversation.

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So, for those of you who remember my angsty Abyss AU plotbunny named Instability, I've started working on it again. It's hard because trying to rewrite canon events involves finding the motives and actions and figuring out when they got which information... it requires a lot of canon knowledge, and while I'm not too bad I'm sketchy on some of the canon details in the middle of the game, and I can't canon review because my PS2 is at home, and even on the 14th I'll still need to actually get a 3DS... So it's been slow going, though I am still making progress. I've been toying around a lot of ideas, including Asch reluctantly taking Luke's place in the main party (mainly because Luke hasn't been learning how to control his hyperresonance like he does in canon) while Luke breaks off, probably with Guy in tow. Though this involves Luke eventually trusting Guy again so it'd take a while to eventually happen.

I have figured out some new details though, and got some inspiration for a later excerpt, mainly around Tower of Rem and its aftermath.

Cut for rambling plust Tower of Rem spoilers )


Cut for aaaaaangst )


ftr, this is still in the process of being written and I will be adding to it.
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Hi! I know I added at least one person on the Luceti friending meme, so figured I'd say hi and welcome to my LJ. I do use it sometimes, more to post writings and general updates and long rambling thoughts when I don't feel like dealing with ridiculously small letter limits.

Anyway hi again! I am Gorse, a.k.a. Kristen. I am a college sophomore trying to get a major in animation so I can go make movies and the like. Major fandom at the moment is Tales of the Abyss, so I'll probably end up talking about it a lot on here, though I do like other things, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Harvest Moon, Disney/Pixar, Golden Sun, Mana Khemia, Tamora Pierce and etc. I currently roleplay at three games - [livejournal.com profile] luceti, [livejournal.com profile] paradisa, and [livejournal.com profile] riftedguilds, the latter of which I help mod. And... that should do for Gorsie CliffNotes. HI and welcome again!

Anyway. Onto the other part of this journal entry: So I had an Abyss AU plotbunny a couple weeks ago, which has tentatively been named Instability. The idea is fairly simple: After Akzeriuth, the party is lucky as hell that Luke didn't have severe, severe trust issues - the person he trusted most in the world utterly betrayed him, and most of the others were hiding/keeping secrets that in theory could have possibly helped prevent it from happening (i.e. Luke being a replica). So what if he had those issues? How would that have affected the character relationships, party dynamic, and progression of events?

The inspiration for this idea has been very hit-or-miss since it's started, so I'm probably not going to actively pursue making it into a fully-fledged story with full continuity, unless something changes, but here's all the excerpts that I've written so far:


The first major divergence )


Continuity Changes + Unexpected Reunions )


Peony is an awesome emporer )

And that's it for now!
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Name: Sacrifices
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss (AU)
Word Count: 1,768
Summary: Sometimes, the things Luke had to give up for the sake of the world were beyond cruel.

Spoilers for after the Tower of Rem, some LukexTear shippyness, but not too severe.


Read more... )
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 Sorry I've been AWOL so long. Chapter 2 of Reaction's hit a bit of a roadblock when I realized I really needed to plan out where I'm going with it more. I mean, I have a general idea for the "Myth Arc", but almost none of the specifics. In a fic where a decent amount of the cast (including most of the antagonists) are going to have to be new characters, this is a serious problem. So Reaction's been put on semi-hiatus while I work on getting a lot of details ironed out. 

Seriously though, if you like Reaction, feel free to talk to me about it. REALLY. Discussion is muse food. Good discussion is like a delicious, nutritious three-course meal. 

Another roadblock for Reaction's progress has been Dimension Shift. 

Dimension Shift is... ... ... it's...  a self insert.



Non-judgemental types can click here for more info. XP  )

Also, bit of ranting here, for DeviantArt because I really don't want to look like an ungrateful idiot on the site itself but I gotta vent about this somewhere. 

Cue whining under the cut.  )

Also, one last grumble. 

I hate horror. So having to watch a horror film for my class's exam is not sitting well with me right now. :| 

Yep.... that's all from this corner of... whatever you call here. 

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 Just had a massive epiphany for Reaction. One of the major plot elements that was still undecided has now been converted from loose gravel to a solid foundation. Yay for car rides where you just sit a cross-stitch and daydream all day, and ESPECIALLY yay for friends who are ready and willing to help brainstorm plot elements.

Hopefully this means that my enthusiasm will be renewed and I can finally power through the rest of Chapter 1. For now, though, I'm going to sleep. It's too late and too dark to do anything. 
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  So as it turns out, I'll be posting my fanfic up here as is... mainly so my RL friend and I can share it with each other when we're not in the same place. XD 

So... without further ado... the prologue to "Reaction" 

Please feel free to comment. Discussion and commentary are muse food. 

It was a moment that seemed to be trapped in time... )
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 Since I'm going to be talking a lot about it, and also to help get some of my thoughts down, I thought I'd give a semi-brief overview of fic and some of its background info (since there'd be a lot of it).

Tales of the Abyss Full-Game Spoilers abound. 

"Reaction" is a multi-chapter, post-game AU fanfic of Namco's "Tales of the Abyss", based on the (not too unpopular) idea that both Asch and Luke survived. It takes place five years after the game's epilogue, or seven years after the fall of Eldrant. A lot of things have changed, and a lot of progress has been made in Auldrant in that time, both on a grand (i.e. the reformation of the Order of Lorelei) and personal (i.e. Asch and Luke are actually getting along now) levels. But not everything's so happy and simple. The world is on the edge of another mass of sweeping conflict, and whether that conflict will help solidify the new future Luke, Asch and the others have won, or overwrite it entirely depends entirely on the outcome. 

Oh, and to add to it all, as part of the strange circumstances that allowed both Luke and Asch to come back alive, Van is now back too. And since we're past the end of the seventh Fonstone, he now has undeniable proof that the Score is gone, with the original world still intact. So what he's going to do is anybody's guess.

Fun times, eh?

Rating: T/PG-13
Characters: Just about everybody who was alive at the end of the game + Luke, Asch and Van, some new characters, and a hell of a lot of replicas (who are also new characters). 
Pairings: LukexTear, AschxNatalia, some pairings still undecided

Anyway, so... that's it. Basic overview done. And now I'll probably end up posting background info and the like, somewhere in the near future. 


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