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Until we can get the proper comm up and running to put all of our notes/ideas there.

Please note that this is a compilation of several discussions with several people.

So much detail goes into starting up a game... )

... that's all I can really think about right now. There's probably more out there, I'll add onto when I remember.
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Name: Sacrifices
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss (AU)
Word Count: 1,768
Summary: Sometimes, the things Luke had to give up for the sake of the world were beyond cruel.

Spoilers for after the Tower of Rem, some LukexTear shippyness, but not too severe.


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Aug. 5th, 2011 03:16 pm
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I finally re-downloaded Firefox. And got LJ-login.

So maybe my main journal will actually start seeing my face again on a regular basis. Because damn LJ-login is useful.

... that's about it for now, I think.

Moving back into the dorm in a couple weeks or so, then the school year starts soon... Damn summer went by fast...


Aug. 3rd, 2011 03:18 pm
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About time I actually made one of these... Accounts are listed in no particular order. May need to fix this eventuallyRead more... )
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Wow it's... been a long time since I've actually posted with an update-type thing.

The truth of the matter is I have been sucked back into the magical world of roleplaying. Thought I'd quit for a long, long time, but suddenly I'm back. I've been playing [livejournal.com profile] oldest7yearold at [livejournal.com profile] splendorocity for two months now, and have app plans for both it and [livejournal.com profile] luceti in the future as well.

It's kind of... I dunno. It's been a lot of fun, getting back into this stuff. And I've met so many new friends, it's been nice, especially since the writing group that carried me through my senior year in high school and part of my freshman year at college broke up (and broke up spectacularly). It's also gotten me into several dozen new fandoms, and likely will continue to do so.

Because of this, writing has... kind of been on hold lately. I'm starting to get maybe interested in working on Reaction again, and some older ideas like an old story called Back From the Otherworld - which you can see the basis of if you check out my DeviantArt account. The problem with Reaction is I realized I had only the rawest bits of the story's MythArc planned out, and if I wanted to include foreshadowing elements, I needed more than that.

In any case...

That's the news! Mostly. Aheh. Hoping everyone's doing okay! ^^

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I wrote this story sometime in... 11th grade I think. It's a vignette-style format, something that I always have liked experimenting with, and is good for conveying, I think, the way thoughts can meander and fragment. 

This is a story of, honestly, a very personal nature, which is why only friends will be able to see it. But it is the explanation over a lot of my idiosyncrasies, and also a kind of... story of my life/self. 

Please be kind. As stated, this story is incredibly personal to me. 


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 Sorry I've been AWOL so long. Chapter 2 of Reaction's hit a bit of a roadblock when I realized I really needed to plan out where I'm going with it more. I mean, I have a general idea for the "Myth Arc", but almost none of the specifics. In a fic where a decent amount of the cast (including most of the antagonists) are going to have to be new characters, this is a serious problem. So Reaction's been put on semi-hiatus while I work on getting a lot of details ironed out. 

Seriously though, if you like Reaction, feel free to talk to me about it. REALLY. Discussion is muse food. Good discussion is like a delicious, nutritious three-course meal. 

Another roadblock for Reaction's progress has been Dimension Shift. 

Dimension Shift is... ... ... it's...  a self insert.



Non-judgemental types can click here for more info. XP  )

Also, bit of ranting here, for DeviantArt because I really don't want to look like an ungrateful idiot on the site itself but I gotta vent about this somewhere. 

Cue whining under the cut.  )

Also, one last grumble. 

I hate horror. So having to watch a horror film for my class's exam is not sitting well with me right now. :| 

Yep.... that's all from this corner of... whatever you call here. 

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Spoilers for Tales of the Abyss, majority of them up to Tower of Rem, but possibly some after as well, so be wary. 

This has to do with the slight controversy around Luke's character development in the third part of the game. 

Reality is not a happy thing.  )


Sometimes I feel like I think too much about stuff like this. But yeah, anyway. I haven't seen anything huge on the arguments for either side, but I still felt like standing up for the way the game is

And now that I've spent so much time on that, I need to go get back to studying. WHEE. 
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So... somewhere between when I went to bed and when I woke up, I got this idea for a rather fluff-filled oneshot. Or at least fluff-y for me. Not *GASPSWOON* romanticish... but... I'm not the kind of person to go to if you're looking for that. ... Actually I think this is the first outright "romantic" fic I've actually ever written. 


As it is... it was a lot of fun to write. It's Reaction-based (roughly 2-3 months before Reaction starts), so it's post-game, so be warned of spoilers. 

Name: Kick
Characters: LukexTear (and technically a third character)
Rating: K+
Notes: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF- Also Reaction-based, so if you haven't read at least Chapter 1, you'll probably be confused. 
Summary: Sometimes, it's the things that are actually tangible that end up being more reassuring - or at least more comforting - than words and abstract ideas. 

Story under the cut. Also an alternate summary for kicks (no pun intended).  )
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... okay switching out of all caps now for readability. 

Cut for kind-of post-game spoilers for Tales of the Abyss. And also rambling.  )

... rambly Gorse is rambly.

Oh, and Chapter One of Reaction is finished, in case you didn't notice my edits to the post. Chapter Two is delayed, because I'm trying to see if I want to give some important OCs a cameo in one of the scenes. Part of the problem with that involves coming up with said OCs. WHEEE. 
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 Just had a massive epiphany for Reaction. One of the major plot elements that was still undecided has now been converted from loose gravel to a solid foundation. Yay for car rides where you just sit a cross-stitch and daydream all day, and ESPECIALLY yay for friends who are ready and willing to help brainstorm plot elements.

Hopefully this means that my enthusiasm will be renewed and I can finally power through the rest of Chapter 1. For now, though, I'm going to sleep. It's too late and too dark to do anything. 
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 So, I got Golden Sun: Dark Dawn the day it became available. And I beat it in around two days. There are plenty of points, good and bad, about this game. Overall, I liked it. But one of my biggest complaints is how short the game was. 

However, as I've played the game through a second time, some of the suspicions I developed the first time around have bloomed into something bigger. I really do think that the game was meant to go on longer, and that somebody, perhaps Nintendo, told them to cut it off early. 

Dark Dawn Spoilers under the cut.  )
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  So as it turns out, I'll be posting my fanfic up here as is... mainly so my RL friend and I can share it with each other when we're not in the same place. XD 

So... without further ado... the prologue to "Reaction" 

Please feel free to comment. Discussion and commentary are muse food. 

It was a moment that seemed to be trapped in time... )
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 Since I'm going to be talking a lot about it, and also to help get some of my thoughts down, I thought I'd give a semi-brief overview of fic and some of its background info (since there'd be a lot of it).

Tales of the Abyss Full-Game Spoilers abound. 

"Reaction" is a multi-chapter, post-game AU fanfic of Namco's "Tales of the Abyss", based on the (not too unpopular) idea that both Asch and Luke survived. It takes place five years after the game's epilogue, or seven years after the fall of Eldrant. A lot of things have changed, and a lot of progress has been made in Auldrant in that time, both on a grand (i.e. the reformation of the Order of Lorelei) and personal (i.e. Asch and Luke are actually getting along now) levels. But not everything's so happy and simple. The world is on the edge of another mass of sweeping conflict, and whether that conflict will help solidify the new future Luke, Asch and the others have won, or overwrite it entirely depends entirely on the outcome. 

Oh, and to add to it all, as part of the strange circumstances that allowed both Luke and Asch to come back alive, Van is now back too. And since we're past the end of the seventh Fonstone, he now has undeniable proof that the Score is gone, with the original world still intact. So what he's going to do is anybody's guess.

Fun times, eh?

Rating: T/PG-13
Characters: Just about everybody who was alive at the end of the game + Luke, Asch and Van, some new characters, and a hell of a lot of replicas (who are also new characters). 
Pairings: LukexTear, AschxNatalia, some pairings still undecided

Anyway, so... that's it. Basic overview done. And now I'll probably end up posting background info and the like, somewhere in the near future. 
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 Everyone's gotta start somewhere, and I guess here is where I start. 

I go by Gorse. My real name isn't something I just hand out for free, at least not in a casual internet setting like this. I made this journal in the hopes of having a place where I could share my random musings on characters, plots, music, philosophy, and other things as they occur to me, usually in respect to whatever game I'm playing or fandom I'm focusing on (at this point in time, it's Tales of the Abyss).

Right now, as I mentioned above, Tales of the Abyss has been my current focus, and since I'm writing a post-game AU multi-chapter fanfic - working title is "Reaction" - I'll probably be focusing on things relating to that at the moment. Heck, I might even post it up here. Only thing about Reaction though is... I'm writing it for pure self-enjoyment, so if I do post it up, it might be a while between chapters and whatnot... and it may eventually stop dead. I dunno. I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here.

In any case, here's my beginning. Not anything that will win me followers, sure, but enough to get the "Welcome to LiveJournal" post off my page and show you all who I am and why I'm here. 




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