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[Fic Fragment] Meetings and Choices

Sometimes I get what I call a fic "fragment". Essentially, it's a short flash of a scene - an action, a bit of dialogue - but not much else. Sometimes I'll have the time to expand on a fragment into a full-on onehsot (Sacrifices started out as a fragment), other times I don't, and it'll just become a little ficlet.

This one is of the latter variety, inspired by the trailer yesterday.


The glow of the stained glass floor lights up their faces, both of them waiting though neither knows for what.

He watches her as they sit there, feeling confused and curious. She'd been here when he'd arrived, only a few minutes - or was it hours? - ago. He'd been here before, once or twice that he can remember, but he can't remember ever meeting anyone here before - except perhaps, a dream of a shadow of a memory from so long ago.

What with everything he's learned, all the doubts he has, he can't help but ask.

"That guy, from earlier. He said there were hearts trapped inside mine." Memories that belonged to others, feelings that weren't his. Is she one of the ones, sleeping in sorrow?

"Are you one of them?"

She turns, wide-eyed and astonished, her face flickering rapidly through pain and grief and something more tender. But her eyes are on him when she finally answers, her voice firm. "No. This is something I chose."


May eventually do something with it, though probably not much more than an extension of the current conversation.

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