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KH3DS Jump Festa Trailer

First we must include the obligatory squealing about Gorsie's favorite character (hint: I have a consistent affair with doomed replicas. And my first KH game was Days. So yeah). I will mark out the squealing so you can skip it if you want.

------- SQUEALING -------
OMG XION WAS THERE XIOOOOOON MY BABY GIRL *^* She was only there for a few seconds. But she WAS THERE WHICH MEANS SHE IS NOT TOTALLY DOOMED. SHE EVEN SMILED. It was tiny but the corners of her mouth turned up. Plus she's never been rendered in their fancier animation before but SHE LOOKED AMAZING IMO. Also Walk pointed out to me that it's possible she was mentioned near the end, because Xemnas mentioned "a heartless doll" which still has a heart. It's possible he meant Pinocchio, since it appears his world is appearing in this game, but this is XEMNAS who is talking, and isn't Xion generally referred to as "just a doll" or puppet by the higher-ups in the Organization?

I AM SO HAPPY SHE'S PROBABLY GOING TO BE BACK. Everything's looking more and more likely. She keeps turning up: first in Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts (the BBS secret ending), in the ending of coded/re:coded... and now this. She's coming back and it makes me so happyyyyy. <3

I'm not totally convinced it'll be in this exact game. Her coming back means a HELL of a lot of people are coming back, most likely - all the ones connected with Sora's heart. IMO, that's too big for a supplementary title. Kingdom Hearts 3 is likely when we'll see her proper again. Not that she won't appear briefly in Dream, Drop, Distance, but... you get what I'm saying, right? jaijdgihasdofij I WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN SO BAD, THOUGH. *^* I want to see what role she'll play, how she'll interact with Kairi and Sora and the rest of the cast... /FLAILING.

Okay. I think I'm done now.

---------------- END SQUEALING --------------

Okay. Onto the rest of the trailer.

STILL SO EXCITED. So many old faces. So many ones we didn't expect to see... what exactly is this game going to reveal? It's supposed to be Sora's and Riku's Mark of Mastery exam, I know. But there's a lot more to it than that.

Axel appeared, but he got himself Lea. I'm seriously wondering about that and I actually think I might have an idea. Axel's heart is connected to Sora's, as revealed in re:coded, and it's likely he's coming back. But to do that, somehow he might very well have to get his heart back. And if he gets his heart back... he's Lea, not Axel. And yet he is Axel too, if he keeps his memories from while he was a Nobody.

I'm really excited for the worlds, too! Hunchback of Notre Dame, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Pinocchio, and Tron: Legacy at least, by the looks of it. I know some people are unsure about the new enemies and whatnot, and maybe I'm just new but I'm willing to roll with it. The colors are the only thing I'm really unsure about, but I suspect they've got a reason for doing it: the surreal nature of dreams and whatnot. I'm also unfamilair with The World Ends With You, so I can't vouch for how well it'll adapt to KH. However, someone described it too me as a rather "mindfuck-y game" and really, dreams are probably a good starting ground for that kind of game to get its debut in the KH series. I'm really excited to see where this game in general goes.

AND THAT ENDING. I FLIPPED THINGS. "Hearts that aren't your own?" I think Sora's going to very likely find out about them. He knows about Roxas, and... possibly all of them, depending on the specifics of King Mickey's letter at the end of KH2 (I haven't played re:coded, so I'm not 100% sure what's in the letter and what isn't). ALSO VANITAS. hgaihsifjsljglkjdsf THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

March cannot come fast enough. I might not be able to wait for this one to come stateside, tbh.

So yeah. Those are my thoughts. ^^;