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3. Sky Blue

A little late - I had a lot of homework and projects on different subjects and Naminé's Luceti app to finish up and turn in.

Today's story is probably going to be one of my more unusual ones. It includes some of my theories on and behind certain events in the KH3D Special Trailer. If you haven't seen the special trailer and don't want to be spoiled for it, then you should consider skipping this story. They aren't blatant but they're there. There also might be stealth spoilers for re:coded.

Day 3 - Prompt Chosen: Sky Blue

She'd told Roxas, with what little consciousness she'd had left then, that their memories would be together inside Sora forever.

She hadn't quite realized what all that had truly meant.

It'd been quiet when she'd first arrived, and she'd rested there, both at peace and in pain, glad to be no longer fighting and lamenting the loss of one of the few things she'd had worth fighting for. Then, her memories had been her solace, and she'd drifted through them, recalling their warmth, their bittersweet beauty.

Then a moment, an day, a year later, and suddenly there was another. It was impossible to tell how long it had been. Time had no meaning for either of them - mere collections of memories with a dreamlike sense of self, safe in Sora's heart.

It was hard to say how she knew, not having much of a sense of self anymore. But there had come a point in her drifting where there'd been a sort of... mingling. Where she languidly reached out and brushed memories not her own, or Sora's. Then there'd been a face, a voice, and she'd known, and even in her sleep, she'd felt a surge of hope, and joy. The vague reactions of surprise and confusion were as painful as they were expected, but in the end it hadn't mattered for very long.

He'd forgotten her, back in the real world. But in Sora's heart, all the pieces were there - Sora's memories and her own. As she'd gently poked and prodded, as they'd drifted through their memories, it was like a haze being lifted. A gap he hadn't realized being filled, as much as there was a new figure in his memories, one he hadn't seen before, yet wasn't surprised was there. As their shared history finally came into clear focus, their relief was mutual, as their dream-consciousnesses clung together in a way that neither could describe.

And yet the mingling continued, past the things they'd shared to the things they'd hadn't, her travels with Riku, his week in the Digital Twilight Town, with friends as good as she and Axel had been, though they'd been nothing but a lie... The "imposter" facing her at the Bridge of Beast's Castle. The winner stick. A pink-and-yellow Thalassa Shell. Sitting across from a blond haired girl in a white room.

Axel yelling that he'd always be there to bring them back, no matter how far they ran.

One thing that stands out among their shared recollections are their individual struggles with Sora's memories. It's harder to pin down the memories themselves, especially for her. Even if they are all in Sora's heart, Roxas is so much more in touch with Sora's conscious memories than she, scattered and fragmented as she is. They can still share; it just takes time - not that time has much meaning for either of them in this state.

She finally learned though, of the questions he'd been wanting to ask, about the boy in red who flashed so often in his mind. It had become so defining for him, enforced by a fleeting memory of the day Axel told him why the sun sets red. She had indeed seen Sora, she is finally able to answer, with notes with vague amusement.

But for her, she replies in that way they "talk", gently guiding each other to relevant memories and feelings - yes feelings, the ones they weren't supposed to have and yet did - the color she always found strongest in her memories was blue. Blue was the color of sea-salt ice cream. Blue was the color of their eyes - all of theirs: Sora's and Kairi's, Roxas's and her own. Blue was the color of the waves, the ocean surrounding Destiny Islands.

But most of all, blue was the color of the sky.